Design + Build

We can help bring your ideas into reality through our internal team we can also refer to external teams, we have worked closely in the past to ensure your design is completed in a timely manner.

A satisfied customer and a completed project are our top priorities. We hold all of our work to the highest standard. We have our own internal team to be able to complete projects. We also hold working relationships with external teams that we have worked with in the past. These external teams we know also hold their work to the same high standard..

Traditional Procurement

Premier Developing Services, Inc. team is well equipped to work with engineers and consultants, to be able to complete the project in the agreed upon time frame. If any issues arise, we have the experience to be able to suggest solutions to be able to help stay on schedule and on budget.  

Takeoff / Estimating

We have a great internal team that have many years of experience in large and small projects. We understand that clients would like to stay or be under on budget. Our team's experience can help solve issues that arise when setting up a takeoff. Premier Developing Services, Inc. team comes up with solutions that help save time and stay on budget. From years in the business we have working relations with suppliers and manufacturers that helped us and will continue to help us with future projects.

Management Contracting

Our team has great communication skills which helps with working with multiple facets of a project at one time. From our experience, meeting with all the participants in a project regularly helps ensure all participants are on the same page. This will help maximize efficiency of scheduling items weeks in advance. 

Construction Management

The Management of the project’s cost, schedule, safety, scope, function and quality. It comprises three entities: the owner who commissions and funds the project directly or through various other means; the engineer/architect is hired to design the project; and the general contractor is hired to supervise the daily operations and manage any subcontractors. 

General Contracting

As a General Contractor, we oversee the day to day operations of the project, keep items on schedule, and find solutions for any problems to arise on the day to day basis to keep the project on budget and on time. We schedule and manage subcontractors that are needed for the project, as well as make sure the project stays up to the expectations and quality of the owners wishes. 

About us

Premier Developing Services, Inc. is a small business enterprise (SBE), minority-owned, fully licensed and insured general building and engineering contractor.

License #945171 - A/B/C-8/C-10/C-51

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